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Help to Victims of Corruption

All victims of corruption who submitted their corruption reports are eligible for help:

Help to find Work:

20 job positions as English Teacher in China. Housing, Meals and Salary:

Regarding the English Teacher, i would like to provide the following info:
1. Requirements: English Native speaker, and License Teacher Preferred.
2. NO Accent
3. Dynamic and Positive.
4. Teaching concentrating on Oral and students aging from 5-20
5. Lessons on Weekend and Winter/Summer Holiday.
6. I would like first to know the Candidates pronunciation and do a simple invterview.

Working Location:

1. Liaoning - NorthEast of China, temperature is Minus/PLus 20 in Winter and Summer.
2. It is a private training school run by Private person.
3. Salary depends on performance and each lesson can be around 100RMB to 200RMB per hour. And it can be promoted to management position according to performance.
4. Each Week having 15-20 hours for lessons.

1 Volunteer drivers $20.00 / hour to assist victims of corruption with driving their cars.
2 Work at home - manufacturing products and shipping directly to customers. $400.00 to $1500.00 per week.
3 Work at home - sales - internet and computer is required. $12 000.00 to $30 000.00 per year.
4 Advertising - work from home - printing flyers and walking in your neighborhood distributing flyers. $.20 per copy, 100 homes $200.00
5 Over the road truck driver, 53 ft van, 33 cents per mile with more after 6 months, $600.00 to $1000 per week +, Florida Based Trucking Co.

Help to victims of corruption for driver license lost:

20% discount for bicycle drive from
Submit your requirements for volunteers drivers help to victims of corruption who lost their drivers.
Car pool help to and from work.

Buy, Sell scooters up to 50 cc - no driver license is required:
Vespa scooter, financing, 24 month
Piaggio Scooters, Financing 24 months

Thank you for exposing corruption and improving lives of us all.
Any Regular Payment please use