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Ted Jec. - Victim and Founder.
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About Us
We are Victims of Injustice exposing the cause of human suffer - the injustice.

   I heard about corruption and when my x lost her mind to extort all marital assets she went to the "right" lawyers who got set up network where you could never win. Judges, general magistrates, hearing officers - all legal criminals in New Port Richey, Florida Court.

I was reporting this corruption for 3 years to Florida Governor, Rick Scott, Florida Attorney General, FBI, Washington and Judicial Review Commission including Florida Bar. I received NO HELP.
   When the corruption notice I was fight back - they decided to hit me taking my driver license knowing my business was truck driving. When I brought all evidence and proof of child support payments to the hearing, the corrupted hearing officer Barbara Goiran and Florida Attorney General Assistant Frank DIMAGGIO stated they do not have to see anything. The outcome was already set up long before the hearing. They decided in recommendations to take my driver license and my livelihood with it.

   When I brought to the court hearing all evidence about x's crimes, theft, bank fraud, insurance fraud, forged signatures, child abuse, the corrupted judge Patricia Ann Muscarella could not "understand" them and took all my life's work and awarded it to the criminal x.

   That was justice to my children who could not see their dad for many years. That was justice for me, for speaking out. I work hard all my life just to learn that corrupted ring of hearing officers ( Barbara Goiran and Angela Hoogeveen) will never allow any justice to me and my children and will legally steal all I had worked all my life awarding it to the criminal wife with her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who got in pocket all involved in her cases.

   Criminal gang working in New Port Richey, Court was reported by me to 40 different state and federal agencies, including Justice Department in Washington DC, Senator Marco Rubio ( got more busy selling water), Senator Bill Nelson and Representative to Congress, Gus Bilirakis.  Besides few polite letters, all stood silence watching and participating in this crime by doing nothing. Of course, on TV they fight crimes, corruption and they are national heroes. In Real life - they showed ignorant bustards taking money for nothing.

   What I was doing right from the beginning was placing all evidence on my web site. The corruption ring in New Port Richey learned this later and retaliated for almost 3 years including taking my driver license so I cannot make my living in trucking business. What happened later is history. The victims of this corruption slowly discovered on the internet that their ruined lives are not alone. We started meeting in a coffee shop. It was not only like therapy for everybody, it started to be united front against horrible corruption by legal gang in New Port Richey court.

   After some time, some people notice many corrupted cases on the internet and offer us some help. The rest is a history. I started citizens movement against corruption ruining our lives by police, court legal criminals and everybody ells who are involved in corruption.

   We hope you can help us even with symbolic Dollar or two and if you are victim of corruption, we encourage to stand up, report the facts and maybe we can help to rebuild your wracked life. We get offers of work, driver license programs in USA and overseas, we get offers from pro bono (for free) lawyers and scooters donated to victims of corruption who lost their unjustly driver license. We also get volunteers who offer helping with driving for victims of corruption whose driver license was unjustly taken.

   The victims of New Port Richey Court's legal gang were afraid and scared to report their case on line. After all, they did and their help help fighting back the corruption.

Please support the Victims of Corruption - you can be the same victim in the future - we will help you too.

Thank you for exposing corruption and improving lives of us all.
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