Discrimination, Prejudice, Hate, Verbal & Mental Abuse, Siding with Colleague Lawyers, Open Corruption by the Judge, Patricia A. Muscarella.

IN AND FOR PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA, Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS, Division: Z1

Victims of crimes of Patricia Ann Muscarella - Please report all crimes committed by this criminal to the People of United States as the crimes of Patricia Ann Muscarella are continue to be covered up by the corruption of Florida System especially in Pasco and Pinellas counties where Patricia Ann Muscarella continues her crimes against humanity and crimes against American People.

To all victims of crimes of Patricia Ann Muscarella:

There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Update by Vicki L. Nadeau: 04-03-2016 -  Thank you Vickie Nadeau for serving humanity against criminal Patricia Ann Muscarella!
  Crimes of Patricia Ann Muscarella continues after she has been expelled from New Port Richey, FL - Awards child custody to pedophile parent - see evidence video: https://youtu.be/02gd9xEW3ck

Hello Mr. Jeczalik,

My name is Vicki Nadeau, I left a voicemail for you, on the only number I saw, for you, online. I have seen MANY of your pages, blogs, etc., about your case in front of "judge" Patricia Ann Muscarella and I don't know where else to turn, as I have run out of options. Muscarella gave custody of my (then) 9 year old daughter, to my ex-husband, who is a registered pedophile, as well as he admitted (on the witness stand) that he'd beaten me bloody, in front of my daughter, multiple times. Muscarella wouldn't allow me a continuance, I couldn't afford an attorney and my ex-husband's wife hired one, for HIM, so he was represented, by a law school degreed attorney, whom I had to fight, up against, all by MYSELF (this was all ruled 1 month, after Muscarella was "expelled" supposedly, from Pasco County Courts--- apparently she wasn't really "expelled", but merely transferred). 

I've included the 2 videos, which I've put together, up on YouTube, explaining the ENTIRE situation, from the beginning (October 15th, 2012) until the present. The first video is a brief "synopsis" of me speaking, the second one is a bit longer, but it's captioned, with audio (music) and the WHOLE STORY, detail, by detail, from that very first dreadful day, until now, along with photos of my little girl, through the years. I'm sure that you are a very busy man and I apologize for bothering you, but all attorneys tell me the same thing--- they can't help, without a ton of money, which I can't afford, or they tell me that it's too complicated of a case, or they tell me that they don't handle "those types" of cases (meaning child custody, family, etc.) If you could please watch these 2 videos and get back to me, with any advise that you might have, it would be very greatly appreciated. 
Video 1) https://youtu.be/02gd9xEW3ck

Video 2) https://youtu.be/jbhJzTlA2XE

Thank you, for your time~

Vicki L. Nadeau
Cell: 727-214-8901

Update - 12-22-2013

Peter Digrado -Victim of Kimberly Campbell - and Patricia Ann Muscarella  http://www.tedjec.com/voi/peter-digrado/Crimes-of-Kimberly-Campbell-Response-to-FW-Motion-09.04.2013.pdf

Update, - January 2013

Patricia Ann Muscarella was expelled from New Port Richey court. Unfortunately the criminal was just transfer to Clearwater, FL where she continue crimes against innocent people legally extorting from people in divorce cases.

Update - October 25, 2012

On October 22nd, 2012, The Judge Patricia Ann Muscarella again committed crime placing blind eye for all the evidence submitted in objections to the lies - so called recommendations by corrupted hearing officer, Angela Hoogeveen who lies for the 3rd year denying Ted Jeczalik justice in new Port Richey Court!

Ted Jeczalik can not have justice when Angela Hoogeveen lies in her recommendations and her colleague judge Patricia Ann Muscarella refuse to acknowledge the evidence submitted by Ted Jeczalik for the 3rd year! The judge Patricia Ann Muscarella again covered crimes of child abuse, bank fraud and insurance fraud, signature forging and money theft, violence of Anna Michalik that was presented to the judge numerous times but she refuse to read acknowledge the truth and accepts all lies of Angela Hoogeveen.

The latest results of corruption, siding with lawyers like Audrey A. Jefferis and corrupted Angela Hoogeveen resulted in unprecedented corruption that hurts innocent children of Ted Jeczalik that are being denied seeing their father.

Patricia Ann Muscarella injustice, hate, discrimination, prejudice of those who can not afford lawyer like Ted Jeczalik should be stopped immediately to protect future victims of this legal gang working in New Port Richey, Florida court house.

All motion against the corruption of Patricia Ann Muscarella, Barbara Gorain, Angela Hoogeveen were ignored by the New Port Richey court not giving chance the victim of this corruption, Ted Jeczalik to defend himself.

The hearings recordings from Patricia Ann Muscarella were made unavailable to Ted Jeczalik and this is another example how the court is corrupted!


Stop the Corruption, Discrimination, Prejudice, Hate and deception, child abuse cover up by the corrupted judge Patricia Ann Muscarella,

The victim,  Ted Jeczalik

Update - March 29, 2012
Discrimination, Prejudice, Hate, Verbal & Mental Abuse, Siding with Colleague Lawyers, Open Corruption by the Judge, Patricia A. Muscarella.

IN AND FOR PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA, Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS, Division: Z1
   On March 28, 2012, the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella violated Ted Jeczalik's Civil, Constitutional & Human Rights at court hearing in New Port Richey, Florida when she refused to take all evidence submitted by Ted Jeczalik. She verbally and mentally abused the victim, Ted Jeczalik. The judge made the recording of the hearing erased as it was made not available to cover up this ugly behavior and injustice. 

   Ted Jeczalik right to defend himself was violated by the judge corruption, discrimination, prejudice and personal hate. As of September, 2012, Ted Jeczalik defends himself for the 3 year against legal extortion from his x wife and her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who covers the crimes up of Anna Michalik including child abuse by Anna Michalik.  

   This is 3rd year the divorce is denied to Ted Jeczalik because of corruption, hate, prejudice, discrimination, feminism of the judge Patricia Ann Muscarella where she openly sides with her favor colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who tries to extort money on behalf of her client Anna Michalik with the help and lies of hearing officer Angela Hoogeveen - http://tedjec.com/angela-hoogeveen.

   At the hearing she abused verbally and mentally Ted Jeczalik and then without reading any objections  from her victim, she awarded all marital assets to her friend lawyer's client - Anna Michalik who abused her own children to extort money from her husband. Anna Michalik used the corrupted court system and the lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who got in pocket the hearing officers Angela Hoogeveen and the judge Patricia A. Muscarella that awards her all she ask - the marital assets of her clients plus all she can squeeze from her victims.

   At the beginning the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella started yelling and screaming at her victim, Ted Jeczalik with some delusion remarks so she could justify her crime of corruption.

   After abusing Ted Jeczalik the Judge was asked by her victim to at least  read all objections and facts against lies - so called recommendation by Angela Hoogeveen who lied again in her recommendation siding with her colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis. Ted Jeczalik submitted all evidence where the extortionist wife, Anna Michalik committed crimes against Ted Jeczalik and the family, including children but none was taken into the consideration by the judge Patricia A. Muscarella!

   The Judge Patricia A. Muscarella first said that she does not understand the objections and then went to Angela Hoogeveen next door.

   After talk to Angela Hoogeveen, the colleague next door, the Judge said that she does not have to read any objections or evidence. She ruled without reading or looking at any evidence.

   The victim of prejudice, discrimination and open corruption by the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella, Ted Jeczalik was named the cause of marriage brake and the the wife, extortionist was awarded all marital assets.

   After open siding and corruption by the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella, she again abused Ted Jeczalik by refusing talk to him however with her smile she talked to the friend lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who she awarded fraudulently the case.

   For the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella it does not matter to see any evidence or true justice - what matter is to know the right lawyer - Audrey A. Jefferis whom she awards whatever the "right" lawyer is asking for. The victims like Ted Jeczalik without any lawyers, lost everything he worked all his life!

   How the Corruption works in New Port Richey Courthouse?

   Audrey A. Jefferis brings her new victims of her "family practice" to the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella who does not have to see any evidence - what counts is lies of the crucial member of this extortion ring - hearing officer Angela Hoogeveen. In her so called "recommendations" she gives the lawyer - Audrey A. Jefferis whatever the lawyer wants.

   If the victim objects and files objections to the lies written in the " recommendations" by Angela Hoogeveen, the Judge does not even look at the evidence submitted with objections - she rules in favor of the lawyer, Audrey A. Jefferis. No wonder the lies of Angela Hoogeveen in her "recommendations" does not much care how she lies. Patricia will "take care of business"!

  And the extortion ring keeps working for long time except this time the victim, Ted Jeczalik devoted his homeless time to uncover the legal gang and expose it so his children and children of  all spouses who lost their life's marital assets would one day benefit from ending the corruption in Florida legal system.

The corruption in legal system in Florida reached all the way to the Governor's office - Rick Scott!

   Ted Jeczalik contacted the Governor of Florida to take immediate actions in this matter as peoples life are being devastated. What the Governor, Rick Scott does? - instead of immediate suspension of the extortion, legal gang, the Governor office ignores this situation shoving it to recommended agencies including Florida Bar where all the individuals, Angela Hoogeveen and Audrey A. Jefferis were submitted for discrimination, prejudice, extortion of money, miss practice of law, corruption.

   Florida Bar does not see any problem with the legal gang in New Port Richey, Florida. Florida Bar after 2 years of complains from the victim - Ted Jeczalik let the extortion ring of Angela Hoogeveen, the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella and the lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis keep going! Audrey A. Jefferis who does the milking of the spouses got so confident in her dealings with the judge and hearing officer that she smiles viciously every time she looking at her victim, Ted Jeczalik. Perhaps the money from the extortion reached the Florida Bar too since such serious situation is completely and purposely ignored.

   If somebody complains about this situation, the Florida Bar at the beginning does send forms and takes complains - they never ruled to stop the corrupted individuals or suspend them or investigate them.

   From the evidence and refusal to take the corrupted individuals from New Port Richey, Florida, the Florida Bar is corrupted by itself.

   The corruption may go all the way to the office of the Governor Rick Scott who refuse to take any action against the corrupted gang members: Judge, Patricia A. Muscarella, Hearing Officer Angela Hoogeveen and lawyer fueling the enterprise - Audrey A. Jefferis.

   FBI in Tampa and Washington DC were informed about this situation - the result is just mind bugging - no response what so ever - perhaps thank you letter!

   The Attorney General of Florida and Attorney General of  United States where no help whatsoever shoving nice letter to another agency.

   This is brake of America basic social values and legal system who should take out immediately such corrupted judges like Patricia A. Muscarella, including those working with them like hearing office Angela Hoogeveen and the lawyer bringing new victims - Audrey A. Jefferis.

The legal gang in Summer 2012 is trying extort more money from the victim, Ted Jeczalik by ordering him ( of course this is recommendation by the gang member - Angela Hoogeveen) to have mental evaluation so he can not see his children against his wishes. Yes, the wife abused her own children by not allowing them to see the father - Ted Jeczalik. She expelled from the house her husband with violence and abuse to extort money and gain the marital assets by lying in the court for the 3rd year she does not get child support.

  Guess who is going to have the
hearing on October 22, 2012, for objections of Ted Jeczalik to Angela Hoogeveen "recommendations" ? Of course - the judge Patricia A. Muscarella! There will be no objection readings - the decision has been already been made! The lawyer, Audrey A. Jefferis will have her way...

   Ted Jeczalik, the victim of the legal gang in New Port Richey Courthouse ended his life being homeless, however he vows to keep fighting the lonely fight against this corruption. Ted is trying to uphold the Constitution of United States and Florida that he pledged at his American Citizenship ceremony in 1990.

   This domestic enemy of corrupted judge, Patricia A. Muscarella, corrupted hearing officer, Angela Hoogeveen and master mind of spouses milking, Audrey A. Jefferis are still being at large, confident that nobody will "touch" their scheme.

   Ted's children are abused for the third year and the Father can not see his children at his will and this is third year where the Florida Government fuels the corruption as the Florida Department of Revenue is behind milking the victims from their money, intimidating and taking away driver licenses and all victimizing is fueled just to get more money to the state coffers.

   For no reason, Ted Jeczalik is being harassed and his child support money was stolen from bank account by Florida Department of Revenue. Ted gets every month harassment letter where the Florida Department of Revenue tries to extort $1500.00 per month and the gang leader, Audrey A. Jefferis is asking for $500.00 per month more when the victim income for 2011 was less then $5000.00 per year!

   Thank you Rick Scott, the infamous governor of Florida for his ignorance of this corruption where more dirty money stolen from it's citizens is needed so he can get well paid for corruption ignorance!

   On September 5th, 2012 Barbara Gorain, colleague of Patricia A. Muscarella and colleague of Audrey A. Jefferis refused to see any evidence for crimes of Anna Michalik. Barbara Gorain lied in her recommendation to allow Florida Department of Revenue to extort money from Ted Jeczalik under the state wide corruption where Florida Department of Revenue without any proper court proceedings ( the proceedings like judge Patricia A. Muscarella does, is just pure corruption, discrimination and prejudice) takes away money from bank accounts where child support money is being saved by the parents, driver license is being taken away and life of innocent people in Florida is being ruined by corruption that is spread by judge Patricia A. Muscarella.

   The people of Florida and Ted Jeczalik hope that you will see this iceberg of human suffering and tragedy where corruption of legal system in Florida make people and children the true victims. Perhaps you can contribute anything to stop the vicious injustice.

   Just because Florida Department of Revenue needs money, it does not mean that we the people will allow ourselves to be bully by corrupted lawyers, judges, or another Department of Revenue or Governor of state that place blind eye on the legal extortion so the state gets more money from people's bank accounts!

   When people wanted convenience, they harnessed electricity.
When people saw the need to travel, they rode horses, then invented cars, planes and spacecraft's.

   Throughout history, every shift in our needs has been met with the creation or discovery of a life changing solution.

   But what about today's dilemma of no justice, corruption, prejudice, discrimination of such individuals like lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis, Angela Hoogeveen, Barbara Gorain and the judge Patricia A. Muscarella?

Open your mind and plant the seed of change. Support my fight against corruption and injustice in Florida and any other place where injustice hurts innocent people. Your help counts. I hope you can help any way you can!

Stop The Corruption in Florida! Please support the right cause!
   All information contain in this plea for justice is based on facts with evidence of corruption, prejudice, discrimination by the individuals named here. Ted Jeczalik reserves the right to defend himself and his children from legal corruption in court of law in New Port Richey, Florida and under American and Florida constitution he has the right to publish facts that are not defamatory but vital information in his own defense against corruption, discrimination, prejudice and discrimination from individuals named here and New Port Richey Court including the lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who is the cause of this 3 year old legal extortion of money by Anna Michalik.

Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
[email protected], tel. 727-641-9709

Port Richey, FL 4-28-2012,    Updated 9-9-2012, Update 10-24-12
Do Not Vote for this hateful woman - say no to her corruption! No to discrimination, hate, feminism prejudice, abuse of her victims who can not affor lawyer!

Stop this criminal in black robe from being elected ever in this county!
Patricia A. Muscarella corruption, discrimination, hate, prejudice, feminism, favoritism for friendly lawyers  ( Audrey A. Jefferis, Angela Hoogeveen), abuse for people who can not afford lawyer is unprecedented!
She was forwarded for her crimes as a judge to FBI, Federal and State Authorities, United Nations Human Rights Violations in Geneva Switzerland and is being investigated by Ted Jeczalik for all her crimes as a judge in New Port Richey, Florida.

For hundreds if not thousands of victims of this hateful woman judge - Please Do Not Vote for her!

Ted Jeczalik - the victim of Patricia A. Muscarella.

Here is her video asking for your vote! http://youtu.be/NTK09JMvO-E
She can not smile or even lie in front of a camera!

Here is another pathetic video asking for your vote! - http://youtu.be/guPCDlgPoU4 - Please take this hateful woman for the sake of all the innocent children and spouses she hurt with her irresponsible feminism and awarding cases to friends lawyers. Those without lawyers have no chance for real justice - she awards cases for friendly lawyers - there is nothing about justice from this woman but hate, discrimination, abuse of those who can not afford lawyers. I KNOW - I AM DIRECT VICTIM OF THIS CORRUPTED INDIVIDUAL. Now you can stop this irresponsible, corrupted judge from hurting people in this county.

Above is exact explanation what this woman is capable of doing to the American People. This is not commercial - this is evidence in truth and I have the constitutional right to speak about the domestic enemy of the state - Patricia A. Muscarella hurting the people with her crimes as a judge.

Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
[email protected], tel. 727-641-9709

Extortionist Anna Michalik, lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis, Hearing Officer, so called General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen, Hearing Officer Barbara Gorain and the Judge Patricia A. Muscarella legal extortion, hate, prejudice,  discrimination, corruption, abuse, child abuse cover up, lies, civil, constitutional and human rights violation of Ted Jeczalik has been forwarded to:
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