From Silesia Group Inc.
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673

To: City of New Port Richey
Brent E. Simon and city inspector and all employees involved in this criminal activity.

   Silesia Group Inc objects to criminal activity of New Port Richey and its inspector ( name was not mentioned in any correspondence and is needed for trial by jury against criminal activity of the corrupted inspector and all employees of the city involved in this legal racketeering).

   Mr. Chris Zatorski who was cleaning the property in question in 2018 and was accused by the inspector of illegal dumping and constructing driveway.
Ted Jeczalik personally called the inspector to clarify the absurd allegations but communicating with this inspector ( we still have no name of this inspector) was impossible - right from the beginning he was accusing everybody for dumping where we were cleaning not dumping at our own private property not any city property.

   Despite the corrupted thinking of the inspector falsely accusing everybody of some kind of violations where no violations were committed. Mr Zatorski again, was cleaning the property not dumping.

   After some vegetation was cleared to complete the clean up, some bricks and stones were showing up where again the inspector accused Mr. Zatorski of additional dumping where in fact Mr. Zatorski spent many days cleaning the property.

   The corrupted inspector even ordered Mr. Zatorski to take off hammock where Mr. Zatorki was resting during cleaning work breaks  as he is Vietnam War veteran with disabilities and the city inspector violated his civil rights by such lies and treatment. 

   The part of the paved road ( Oak Wood Lane) where the property is located has strip of land that was uncoved after vegetation was cleared to clean the property and nobody from Silesia Group Inc was making any driveway or pathway where again the corrupted inspector is accusing innocent people of things where they were not doing.

   After paying fees in good faith the corrupted general magistrate Brent E. Simon called "Special Magistrate", despite clear evidence stating by Mr. Krzysztof Zatorski was siding with the corrupted inspector who definitely is having reality problems and his photos show cleaning not dumping therefore we refuse to participate in this criminal activity against the American Constitution and American people in Florida by corrupted City of New Port Richey and its inspector.

   No paperwork came from any court to us for one year and now the city wants to acquire the property by placing lean on it. After one year we learn the city wants extort money in the amount of $150.00 per day for the year 2019 and the city wants to extort the property using corruption for which we reject such corruption and violation of our American Constitution.

   The order of so called Special Magistrate Brent E. Simon violates any and all ethical and moral standards and we are submitting this corrupted individual to the Florida Judicial Commission and all state and federal agencies working to stop corrupted governments like City of New Port Richey.


   We object the corrupted inspector and general magistrate and we are calling for trial by jurry by the victims of this legal organized crime by City of New Port Richey.

   We want all individuals involved in this racketeering to be exposed and all names to be submitted to us for trial by jury.

Finding of Facts

   Mr. Zatorski who participated in last hearing was victimized and wrongly accused for dumping where he was cleaning our property.

   The American constitution was violated and we have responsibility to call for trial by jury against Brent E. Simon and his inspector and all criminals from the City of New Port Richey involved in this scheme of property extortion.

   Conclusion of Law

   The victims of City of New Port Richey and Silesia Group Inc has not committed any crimes or violations wrongly being accused of bogus, not existed crime of some building or erecting on their private land where no such things occurred therefore corruption clearly exist on the side of the inspector and city of New Port Richey that we have constitutional responsibility to stop and prosecute.

   Appeal to circuit court could not be made as the City of New Port Richey failed to inform the victims of its corrupted order therefor we the victims reserve the right to trial by jury against the corrupted individuals from City of New Port Richey.

   We do not agree to any leans against our property as the facts are different then the inspector presented.

   The bogus ordered by Brent E. Simon is not accepted and does not have any legal merits.

   The City of New Port Richey and Brent E. Simon has been declared corrupted and without trial by jury against the inspector, all the city employees involved in this corruption and Brent E. Simon we will not pay or agree to legal extortion of City of New Port Richey.

   We incured substential damages resisting the corruption of the city New Port Richey and we want to be compensated in the amount 3 times higher then the extortion of city of New Port Richey trying to make money and trying to illegally acquire our property.

Krzysztof Zatorski,
Ted Jeczalik.
Silesia Group Inc.
Artists for Humanity Inc,
Jola LLC