Stop the Crimes of Florida Department of Revenue against Americans in Florida.

Florida Department of Revenue - CSE Case Number 1347565949                   
                    Florida Department of Revenue,
                    Criminal Acuser

                        TED JECZALIK
                    Victim - Responder
__________________________Divorce Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS            

Ted Jeczalik rejects the criminal activity of Florida Department of Revenue extorting money under Child Support.

Anna Michalik the x wife submitted fraudulent information in court at divorce procedures under oath to extort money for child support when using and abusing her children.

Anna Michalik lies that she never receive any child support when the evidence of child support shows regular payments according to income not fraud of Anna Michalik.

The children continue to abused that Ted Jeczalik reported to all state agency including the governor of Florida.

The income of Ted Jeczalik does not support any criminal lies by the wife and Florida Department of Revenue.

Child Support is being paid regularly since 2010 by Ted Jeczalik according to his income not fraudulent allegations of Anna Michalik - the x wife.

The victim, Ted Jeczalik does not receive any prove of unpaid child support and he has detail payments since 2010 where he pays child support in the amount according to his income.

The damages cause by criminal activity of Florida Department of Revenue on behalf of criminal lies and fraud of the x wife Anna Michalik amounts to $260 000.00, child abuse, human right violations, unconstitutional crimes against Americans in Florida as of January 2018 where the victim Ted Jeczalik:

1 - Ted Jeczalik was terrorized and kidnapped on behalf of Florida Department of Revenue manager in Holiday, Florida on August 16th 2017 where he came invited, he was authorized to be in the office and caused no harm to anyone yet the crimes of the manager has been exposed and is waiting for prosecution.

2 - Florida Department of Revenue have stolen child support money from Ted Jeczalik bank account.
3 - Florida Department of Revenue have stolen money from various businesses as the x wife lies about employment of Ted Jeczalik.

4 - Florida Department of Revenue is responsible for lying to U.S. Department of State of not paid child support when child support in the amount relative to the income is paid regularly every month despite child abuse and use by the criminal mother, Anna Michalik.

5 - Florida Department of Revenue is directly responsible for Human Rights Abuse of the children, the fathers and mothers being victims of this extortion of money using child support where the right to work and the right of travel is being taken away from the victims as passports and driver license are being taken away - stop the slavery of the Florida Department of Revenue.

Ladasiah Jackson Ford - responsible for not allowing free and fair hearings against the crimes of Anna Michalik - the abusive and criminal mother of Ted Jeczalik's children using the children as extortion and abuse tool to receive money for child support against the will of the children and Ted Jeczalik. Ted Jeczalik never agreed to any custody for his children by Anna Michalik. Ladasiah Jackson Ford failed to proof any agreement for child custody, child support agreement from Ted Jeczalik. The children of Ted Jeczalik can live with their father not criminal mother. As long as the children are abuse by Anna Michalik - Ted Jeczalik will remain unemployed and has no obligation to pay for his children abuse, exploitation and criminal acts of Anna Michalik against Ted Jeczalik and his children.

Frank Vincent DIMAGGIO - knowingly extorting money from innocent people like Ted Jeczalik and his children by participating in driver license suspensions and with that ruining transportation business and employment of Ted Jeczalik and his children.

Eureka Jenkins - Deputy Agency Clerk - knowingly participates in crimes of Ladasiah Ford, Senior Attorney Office of the General Counsel, Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Program, P.O. Box 8030, Tallahassee, FL 32314-8030

Ann Coffin, Director, Child Support Enforcement Program, State of Florida Department of Revenue - knowingly ignored all evidence and denies innocent people fair and true hearings so the Florida Department of Revenue continues exploit innocent people like Ted Jeczalik and his children.

6 - The head of Florida Department of Revenue and all others in managements continue to ignore all cries for justice by the victims including Ted Jeczalik. They just do not respond their crimes.

7 - The damages of lost work, unconstitutional time in Pasco county jail for crimes never committed just to extort money ( Cymberly Campbell and Angela Hoogeveen)

8 - The word stealing was change to intercept by Florida Department of Revenue - it is still unconstitutional theft.

These and many more crimes against humanity by extortion practices against innocent people and Ted Jeczalik are being brought to Federal Government to help the American people of Florida.

The victims of Florida Department of Revenue and Ted Jeczalik

child support is paid despite the lies of Florida Department of Revenue at

Criminal accusation , extortion of money by Florida Department of Revenue:

Income of Ted Jeczalik:
Ted Jeczalik Income Tax 2012
Unemployment from February 2013 to September 2013

2014 Ted Jeczalik was incarcerated for crimes he never committed to extort from him $10 000.00 by legal gang in New Port Richey court, general magistrate Angela Hoogeveen and her friend, judge Kimberly Campbell.


Florida Child Support Guidelines:
Florida Child Support Guidlines
Proof of Child Support Payments:
Anna Michalik continues to lie she does not receive child support payments causing Ted Jeczalik unemployment, ruining transportation business of 25 years and other damages
( see updated damages caused by crimes of Anna Michalik - ).
Proof of driver license suspension and unemployment, no income of Ted Jeczalik since February 2013:

Driver license suspension - 2013
Driver License suspension - 2013
Unemployment Verification

unemployment verification

2016 Another legal extortion and coercion to pay this time $50 323.20 by Florida Department of Revenue when the individual could not make even half of that amount in the past 5 years.
Florida Department of Revenue lie number one - none payment of support when the payments are being paid since 2010 and are available 24/7 as evidence in federal probe at
Sop the human rights violations by
Florida Department of Revenue.

Child Abuse report against Anna Michalik:
child abuse by anna michalik - report
child abuse by anna michalik
Child Abuse by Anna Michalik - report
Anna Michalik Child abuse report
Anna Michalik child abuse report
Anna Michalik tries to abduct legally Ted Jeczalik children outside of USA.
Angela Hoogeveen and Kimberly Campbell allowed and actively participated in child abduction of Ted Jeczalik children outside USA:
Anna Michalik motion to abduct legaly children of Ted Jeczalik against their wishes

Extortionist Anna Michalik, lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis, Hearing Officer, so called General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen, Hearing Officer Barbara Gorain and the
Judge Patricia A. Muscarella legal extortion, hate, prejudice,  discrimination, corruption, abuse, child abuse cover up, lies, civil, constitutional and human rights violation of
Ted Jeczalik has been forwarded to:

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