From: Jola LLC
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
To: Go2Logistics Trensportation Services
165 West Lake St,
Northlake, IL 60164
June 11, 2018

1 - On June 11, 2018 Safety Director Darek was informed that repair shop mechanics violated safety ( Marcin - the mechanic) refusing to repair truck 647 driven by Ted Jeczalik from Jola LLC. Safety Director Darek refused to resolved this safety issue.

Next day all belongings from driver's Ted Jeczalik were stolen from truck 647 and dumped on concrete parking lot where they were effected by rain for one week until the driver Ted Jeczalik came back from his trip.

This criminal activity were submitted to Northlake Police.

The damages are amounted to $4090.00

After 5 notices during the month of June, 2018, Go 2 Logistics refused to respond to this safety and criminal activity.

Total damages, losses and safety violation since 2016 amount to $6640.00

Ted Jeczalik
General Manager,
Jola LLC.

November, 2016
2 - It has come to our attention that Go2Logistics Transportation Services does not pay Jola LLC for our services including fuel, layovers, accessories and driver pay for his services.
   In the passed we brought to the attention that Pani Marysia from Go 2 Logistics Accounting openly have stolen over $1200.00 despite our objection when she started sending Jola LLC's  money to Florida Department of Revenue. She is not allowed to do that and we reject her taking our money without her notifying our company. It has been almost a year since Pani Marysia from Accounting has not returned stolen money to Jola LLC - over $1200.00
3 - In February, 2017 truck repair in Santa Rosa, NM and Tucumcari, NM resulted in 1 week of driver waiting for repair of engine and no layover has been paid whatsoever where driver had to spent money for food and lodging as sleeping in the truck was not allowed in repair shop.

Unpaid layover - $650.00

  4 -   We volunteer to take load to hurricane Irma with delivery in Miami, Florida. Driver had to wait in Cordale, Georgia's hurricane was passing from Florida. No layover for almost 2 days was paid - see enclose evidence.
Unpaid detention at hurricane Irma and hurricane in Texas - 3 days is $550.00

   All truck Pilot and Flying J truck stops were closed in North Florida during the hurricane - driver managed to buy diesel fuel to continue his trip by paying his own money for fuel. Go2 Logistics have not paid for its own fuel - see evidence enclosed below. ( paid after numerous complaints)

  5 -   International Airport in Miami was closed and unloading was delayed for have a day. All information was placed on Bill of Ladding. Despite that - driver received no compensation for his time waiting at receiver located in the airport for half a day - see evidence below.
Unpaid detention - $150.00

   In the passed there are cases where we received no compensation for trips from Chicago to Texas - when confronted the accounting the accounting had no explanation why they do not add all trips to be paid.


Ted Jeczalik,
General Manager - Jola LLC
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673