Anna Michalik Theft of Ted Jeczalik's car, title and possible forge of signature on car title.

From: Ted Jeczalik
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
Tel. 727-641-6709,

Florida department of highway Safety and Motor vehicles,
         West Pasco Government Bldg.
        7530 Little Rd, Rm 120
         New Port Richey, FL 34654
Pasco Sheriff's Office
8700 Citizen Dr.,
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Car Theft ( marrital assets waist) by Anna Michalik was reported to Sheriff Deputy D. Hayes and Deputy S.Smith - Case No 120940726

Anna Michalik has stolen car from Ted Jeczalik and ordered to tow away this car. Ted Jeczalik car ( 1990 Chrysler, Plymouth Voyager,
Blue Van ) Vin No. 1P4FH44R3LX109417 has been missing since December 2010 where it was parked by Ted Jeczalik at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653.

Ted Jeczalik questioned Anna Michalik ( who use also different names like Jeczalik ) about location of this missing car from this parking place. Anna Michalik admitted she towed away this car to a garbage dump or sold it for profit without the owner consent or without informing the owner of this car - Ted Jeczalik.

The car was personal property of Ted Jeczalik who bought this car before marriage with Anna Michalik in Chicago, IL.

The missing car was registered in Florida since 1999 under Ted Jeczalik as 1990 Plymouth Voyager, made by Chrysler, color: blue with
Vin No. 1P4FH44R3LX109417.

Anna Michalik also have stolen the title to this car with registration and all insurance paperwork and is refusing to return it to it's owner Ted Jeczalik. Anna Michalik possibly forged Ted Jeczalik signature on the title of this vehicle as the car was towed away without Ted Jeczalik consent.

As of April 2nd, 2012 Anna Michalik resides at 8745 Angoff Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653 where last time the car was parked by Ted Jeczalik at his home.

Ted Jeczalik

Below is proof of Ted Jeczalik loan for this vehicle showing VIN No. and payments made for this vehicle by Ted Jeczalik:

loan for car

loan for car

car loan

Car title stolen by Anna Michalik
  missing car title