Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS
Division: Z1
Florida Department of Revenue - CSE Case Number 1347565949                   
                    Florida Department of Revenue,

                        TED JECZALIK

Notice of No Deliquency

There is no deliquency by Ted Jeczalik where the amount of $1283.00 per month was never agreed by Ted Jeczalik as criminal actions of Anna Michalik who filed for divorced included submitting to the court false information about Ted Jeczalik income.

Ted Jeczalik payments are not delinquent and have no deliquency as every month all payments are being paid according to Ted Jeczalik's Income since 2010 when Anna Michalik filed for divorce.
All evidence of regular payments according to the income of Ted jeczalik are located at:

Anna Michalik insurance fraud was also submitted to the court where she received about $100 000.00 that Kimberly Campbell and Angela Hoogeven awarded Anna Michalik her fradulent insurance compensation.

Anna Michalik drives new SUV and travels overseas on luxury trips deriving income from criminal activities including Food stamps and Florida State aid.

Ted Jeczalik income is $940.00 with over 50
% being paid to Florida Department of Revenue since 2014. Befor that all payments were sent directly to Anna Michalik and all payments copies with certified U S Postal service receipts are located as evidence at:
according to Legal Authority: section 61.13016 and 322.058, Florida Statues Ted Jeczalik pays regularly child support in the amout according to his income always submitted to the court since 2010.

Ted Jeczalik works as Truck Driver in 48 states and he needs driver license to make living as he does for 30 years in his work and at the same time Ted Jeczalik submits his income tax to the court since 2010 and those income tax statements do not support any higher monthly payments where as the x wife received all merrital assets and fradulent sinc hole insurance claim filed by her and received for former house of the x husband, she travels the world, bought new SUV car  and at the same time she receives food stamps assistense.

As of February 18, 2019 Driver license of Ted Jeczalik has been suspended, livelyhood has been taken away and uneployment is being received in the amount of $420.00 for which  $210.00 will be sent for child support untill the human right for work and driver license will be reinstated.

Without the the ability to have commercial drivel license where the crimes of Florida Department of Revenue wants to unjustly suspend, the driver license for no other reason but extort money that can not be earned.

Ted Jeczalik pays child support every month, rejects the child abuse and use of the children to make money by criminal x wife Anna Michalik who refused to go for mental evaluation and she continues to use and abuse the children as prostitute for financial reasons where she is lying in the court she does not received any child support when she received directly child support (2010-2015) using and abusing the children since 2010 when she filed for divorce to get all marital assets including the house, fraudulent sink hole insurance claim where she lied there is sink hole where there was never any sink hole under the house.

In August 2017 Florida Department of Revenue manager in Holiday, FL was involved in act of domestic terrorism, kidnapping and grand theft against Ted Jeczalik resulting in court order for Ted Jeczalik not to have contact with the criminal organization Florida Department of Revenue.
Despite that order, criminals from Florida Department of Revenue keep sending anonymous notices to keep extorting money and damaging life of innocent people like Ted Jeczalik who is asking to stop the child abuse and criminal activity of Anna Michalik lying all the time she does not receive child support.

FDR does not take off adult children from their extortion list ( Caroline Jeczalik 21 as of 2018) and frivolously change the imaginary amount it wants to extorts without showing the victims any evidents - see attachments).

Pasco County judge ordered there will be no direct contact with Florida Department of Revenue for Ted Jeczalik as FDR is considered to be criminal organization terrorizing innocent people.

Criminal charges are being prepare against criminals involved in Florida Department of Revenue violating Human Rights, violation of American Constitution and all ethical and moral terms - ordered by Pasco County Judge.

Florida Department of Revenue crimes include $280 000.00 damages and participation in child abuse by mentally challenged Anna Michalik - the mother who should never be allowed any custody of the children as mentally sick individual using children as income source.

Anna Michalik submitted fraudulent evidence about income of Ted Jeczalik and Ted Jeczalik submits income tax to the court since 2010 that does not support any payments of 1238.00 per month.

Ted Jeczalik filled petition in New Port Richey court on June 24th, 2013, December 5th, 2013 and February 13, 2014 for inability to pay child support due to
unemployment caused by Anna Michalik crimes lying she does not receive child support payments and filling falls information about Ted Jeczalik income. True income and income tax evidence was submitted to the court and Florida Department of Revenue since 2010 and is located at

Second petition stating unemployment and inability to pay $1500.00 per month was filled in December 2013. This petition was also ignored by Florida Department
 of Revenue and New Port Richey legal gang operated by Angela Hoogeveen and Kimberly Campbell who ignores all petitions, motions and objections from Ted Jeczalik
 not allowing basic justice and constitutional violation of individual to justice resulted in incarceration of Ted Jeczalik for 6 months to extort legally $10 000.00.

With this petition Ted Jeczalik states that he never agreed to any custody of his children by Anna Michalik who continues to abuse Ted Jeczalik children using them
as extortion tool against Ted Jeczalik.

Ted Jeczalik is unable to pay child support in any other amount then amount from Florida Child Support Guidelines table - see attachment.

Ted Jeczalik lost his employment and business because Ted Jeczalik's driver license and American passport was suspended since March 1st, 2013 - see attachment.
Ted Jeczalik's driver license and American passport are required to conduct business and his employment.

Since 2010 transportation business of Ted Jeczalik was giving him employment with the ability to pay for child support that was paid on regular basis according to
Florida Child Support Table directly to Anna Michalik.

Since March 1st, 2013 is Ted Jeczalik is unemployed as the transportation business of Ted Jeczalik can not function without valid driver license and American passport.
Because of this situation Ted Jeczalik is unable to receive any income.

Therefore Ted Jeczalik is asking to suspend any child support payments until:

1 - returning driver license of Ted Jeczalik along with American passport.
2 - recovery of transportation business that was closed because of Ted Jeczalik's driver license and American passport was suspended.
3 - change payments for child support according to Income Tax Statements of Ted Jeczalik from 2011 and 2012 according to Florida Child Support Guidelines Table
 of $213.00 per month.

Please see attachments with Ted Jeczalik income tax statements for 2011, 2012, 2013 and proof of payments for child support paid to Anna Michalik since 2010

As of 2013 Ted Jeczalik has 3 dependents and when driver license is suspended, his transportation business can not generate any revenue including income to support
the family and pay child support.

The crimes of Anna Michalik lying she does not receive child support for 4 years generated losses of over $60 000.00 to Silesia Group Inc and losses over $100 000.00
for inability to operate transportation business due to Anna Michalik crimes against Ted Jeczalik and his children.

After 8 months these petitions were ignored by the court in New Port Richey and Florida Department of Revenue as most motions of Ted Jeczalik against crimes of Anna Michalik.
Damages made by Anna Michalik to Ted Jeczalik and his children.
Update in Child Abuse by Anna Michalik and Child Support Payments.
CASE. NO. 51-2010-DR-5308-WS/Z1
Florida Department of Revenue Case No. 1347565949
Ted Jeczalik damages caused by Anna Michalik, Florida Department of Revenue and legal gang in New Port Richey court:

2-12-2014 - Anna Michalik requesting arrest and further lies and legal extortion against Ted Jeczalik including Driver License Suspension - $300.00 per week x 6 month
 = $7200.00 - 6 month unemployment.
2-11-2014 - motion for driver license and registration suspension - $1500.00 & unemployment - suspended child support payments for 2014.
01-15-2014 -  $250.00 - 10 days disruption in business due to hearing  - caused by Anna Michalik ( Anna Michalik continues legal extortion using and abusing children
of Ted Jeczalik).
Marital Assets theft by legal extortion - $65 250.00 ( marital property, 3 cars, personal properties, 4 years court lost time and income, lost business, lost driver license
and American passport).
Credit Cards damages - $34 000.00
Total: $173 000.00

Damages to Silesia Group Inc by Anna Michalik - $45 000.00 ( 4 years of legal extortion in New Port Richey court, 4 years of legal defense, lost of income,
unemployment due to suspension of American passport and driver license)
02-28-2013 - closing transportation business due to Anna Michalik lies of not receiving child support - $35 000.00
01-15-2014 -  $2500.00 - 10 days disruption in business due to hearing  - caused by Anna Michalik (Anna Michalik continues legal extortion using and abusing
children of Ted Jeczalik).
2-11-2014 - motion for driver license and registration - $35000.00 & unemployment - suspended child support payments for 2014
Total: $117 500.00

Total damages by Anna Michalik ( started using last name Jeczalik ) - $112 750.00

None Monetary damages:
Child abuse by Anna Michalik to Caroline Jeczalik, Pulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik
Participation in Child abduction of Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik.
The Use of Children to extort money ( Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik )
Physical and mental abuse of Ted Jeczalik and his children.
Custody and abuse of Ted Jeczalik children ( Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik ) without any consent by the father Ted Jeczalik or the children.

Until all damages are paid off and child abuse is stopped, Anna Michalik child support is linked to Florida Child support Guidelines Table and Ted Jeczalik income.
All child support payments copies are located at:

Child Support Updates

01-30-2014 - 2013 Ted Jeczalik income according to income tax statements is $3250.00 with 6 months of unemployment caused by crimes of Anna Michalik.

The new monthly child support payments for 2014, according to Ted Jeczalik income and Florida Child Support Guideline Table are $213.00 / month therefor
according to these facts and evidence, Ted Jeczalik submits updated child support payments for 2014. As of February 13, All Child Support payments are suspended
due to Driver License suspension notice that resulted in transportation business close and no income of Ted Jeczalik.

If Anna Michalik crimes and legal extortion will continue and will cause again driver license suspension or any other damages made to Ted Jeczalik or his businesses -
there will be no income and no child support payments.

All child support payment since 2010 are being made directly to the children and Anna Michalik on religious, constitutional, ethical and moral  rights of Ted Jeczalik and since January 2015 payments are made to department of revenue by the employer of Ted Jeczalik.

 I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy hereof has been furnished by mail
delivery to the Florida Department of Revenue and Florida Department of Revenue listed below on:
February 18, 2019:

Florida Department of Revenue
Child Support Enforcement Program
5050 W. Tennessee St., Building L,
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0195

Florida Department of Revenue
2127 Grand Blvd
Suite 100,
Holiday, FL 34690-4554

  Ted Jeczalik,
  P.O. Box 248,
  Port Richey, FL 34673
  Telephone No. 727-945-3087,  Email: [email protected]
Deliquency Notice by Florida Department of Revenue

Proof of income tax and inability to child support by unemployed Ted Jeczalik are submitted since 2011 and his evidence is hidden and  ignore by the crimes of Angela Hoogeveen and Kimberly Campbell on behalf of connected lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis for Anna Michalik submitting falls information without any proof.
Ted Jeczalik Income Tax for 2011/2012/2013 is proof he can not pay $2000.00 per month to support crimes of Anna Michalik of legal prostitution using
Ted Jeczalik children who are continuously being abuse and used to generate revenue for crimes of Anna Michalik.
The proof of income was presented to Angela Hoogeveen since 2010 yet she recommended to pay $2000.00 per month when yearly income was $5501.00 per year.
The crimes of Angela Hoogeveen along with the crimes of Kimberly Campbell are continuously submitted to federal authorities.
Below evidence states inability to pay over $1283.00 per month when average income is $940.00 per month or less.
Income of Ted Jeczalik does not support any legal extortion of Florida Department of Revenue
Ted Jeczalik Income Tax for 2011 - income of $4467.00 per year.
child support is paid despite the lies of
Florida Department of Revenue at
Ted Jeczalik Income Tax 2012
Unemployment from February 2013 to September 2013

2014 Ted Jeczalik was incarcerated for crimes he never committed to extort from him $10 000.00 by legal gang in New Port Richey court, general magistrate Angela Hoogeveen and her friend, judge Kimberly Campbell.


Income Tax for 2017

Florida Child Support Guidelines:
Florida Child Support Guidlines
Proof of Child Support Payments:
Anna Michalik continues to lie she does not receive child support payments causing Ted Jeczalik unemployment, ruining transportation business of 25 years and other damages
( see updated damages caused by crimes of Anna Michalik - ).
Proof of driver license suspension and unemployment, no income of Ted Jeczalik in February 2013:
Driver license suspension - 2013
Driver License suspension - 2013

Unemployment Verification

unemployment verification

Another legal extortion and coercion to pay this time $50 323.20 by Florida Department of Revenue when the individual could not make even half of that amount in the past 5 years.
Florida Department of Revenue lie number one - none payment of support when the payments are being paid since 2010 and are available 24/7 as evidence in federal probe at
Sop the human rights violations by
Florida Department of Revenue.

8 years of driver license suspension to extort money by Florida Department of Revenue:
driver license suspension 2018
Extortion invitation where this domestic terrorists abduct, terrorize, steal the evidence and kidnap Ted Jczalik and other victims to jail for exposing the truth
See criminal charges against the Florida Department of Revenue in Holiday, FL where ( August 2017) the criminal manager was involved in the crimes at her office.
Court ordered no contact with this terrorists and criminal organization for Ted Jeczalik. Evidence of ignoring court order by Florida Department of Revenue trying the same tactics to lure victims to the office and then torture them in Pasco County to extort money:

Child Abuse report against Anna Michalik:

child abuse by anna michalik - report
child abuse by anna michalik
Child Abuse by Anna Michalik - report
Anna Michalik Child abuse report
Anna Michalik child abuse report
Anna Michalik tries to abduct legally Ted Jeczalik children outside of USA.
Angela Hoogeveen and Kimberly Campbell allowed and actively participated in child abduction of Ted Jeczalik children outside USA:
Anna Michalik motion to abduct legaly children of Ted Jeczalik against their wishes

Extortionist Anna Michalik, lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis, Hearing Officer, so called General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen, Hearing Officer Barbara Gorain and the
Judge Patricia A. Muscarella legal extortion, hate, prejudice,  discrimination, corruption, abuse, child abuse cover up, lies, civil, constitutional and human rights violation of
Ted Jeczalik has been forwarded to:

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