February 15, 2014                                      

Notice for child support payments change

Ted Jeczalik
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
The crimes of Anna Michalik submitting false information to the court and Florida Department of
Revenue ( 2010 - 2014) resulted in suspension of driver license and U.S Passport to Ted Jeczalik that
are requirement to conduct transportation work and business along with his employment.

 As the result Ted Jeczalik is involuntarily unemployed since March 1st 2013.

Anna Michalik filed for Driver License suspension again in January 2014 causing again driver license and
American passport suspension that are required to conduct business and employment of Ted Jeczalik.

 As of February 15, 2014 child support payments being paid to Anna Michalik is changed from Florida
Child Support Guideline Table to Unemployment Minimum Child Support Payments. All Child support payments can be verified at http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/child-support-payments/ .

Due to involuntary unemployment by Ted Jeczalik cause by crimes of Anna Michalik new Unemployment Minimum Child Support Payments are effective on 03-01-2014.
When U.S Passport and Driver License will be returned to Ted Jeczalik, Child Support Payments will
be changed from Minimum Child Support Payments to amount from Florida Child Support Table.

   The children of Ted Jeczalik being abused by Anna Michalik are always welcome to live with their father, free from the abuse and use of Anna Michalik crimes.

   Ted Jeczalik

Driver License suspension motion by anna michalik and falls information about income
Evidence of filling false information by Anna Michalik about Ted Jeczalik's income and participation in driver license suspension by filling motion to suspend Ted Jeczalik driver license causing unemployment and no income.