February 25, 2013

Ted Jeczalik
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673

   The crimes of Anna Michalik lying about not receiving child support in New Port Richey Court ( 2010 - 2013) resulted in suspension of driver license and U.S Passport to Ted Jeczalik that are requirement to conduct transportation work and business. Ted Jeczalik was deprived his basic constitutional, civil and  human rights of freedom to work and freedom to free movement. As the result Ted Jeczalik is involuntarly unemployed since March 1st 2013.

   Child support payments to Anna Michalik are being continued in the amount of Minimum Child Support Payments in the amount changed from Florida Child Support Guidelines. All Child support payments can be verified at . Due to involuntary unemployment by Ted Jeczalik Minimum Child Support Payments are effective on 04-01-2013.

   When U.S Passport and Driver License will be returned to Ted Jeczalik, Child Support Payments will be changed from Minimum Child Support Payments to amount from Florida Child Support Table.

   The children being abused by Anna Michalik are always welcome to live with their father, free from the abuse of their mother.

        Ted Jeczalik