Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS
Division: Z1

               TED JECZALIK
               Petitioner / Husband


               ANNA MICHALIK
               Respondent / Wife

                                                                       MOTION FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF ANNA MICHALIK AND THE CHILDREN

           Respondent, Ted Jeczalik files this motion and states as follows:

1. This is no longer action for Dissolution of Marriage but request of Trial by Jury where the victim of this court corruption by Angela Hoogeveen, Patricia Ann Muscarella, Barbara Gorain along with lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis violated Ted Jeczalik and his children's constitutional and human rights.

2.  Ted Jeczalik never agreed on any child custody for his x wife Anna Michalik and the children are being abuse by their mother by not allowing freely to see their father.

3. Anna Michalik crimes against her own children include stealing passes to amusement parks bought by the father for his children and not allowing the children to see the father causing the children stress and unnecessary emotional suffer.

4. Anna Michalik child abuse include using her children to extort money and marital assets from the x husband Ted Jeczalik.

5. Anna Michalik child abuse was reported to federal and state agencies and all the evidence is on file.

6. Anna Michalik lawyer, Audrey A. Jefferis is participating in corruption in New Port Richey court where all child abuse is cover up by corrupted General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen, corrupted Judge Patricia Ann Muscarella and General Magistrate, corrupted Barbara Goiran.

7. The children: Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik, Lukasz Jeczalik are constantly abused by their mother using them as tool to extort money from Ted Jeczalik and they were deny to see their father on these grounds for the passed 3 years causing the children stress and emotional suffering.

8. The children are constantly being brain washed by the criminal mother against their father Ted Jeczalik.

9. The children are being constantly alienated from their father by the crimes of the mother.

10. The children were deny justice by the corruption of the court individuals including the corrupted lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who fail and refused to report child abuse to the authorities.

11. The children never received any help including child abuse psychological evaluation from their mother criminal acts including stealing and extortion from their father Ted Jeczalik.

12. The children were denied basic constitutional rights where they were never asked to stop their mother abuses.

13. The children never were allowed to answer where they want to live including their father who was denied the same by the corruption of the court individuals including the corrupted lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis covering child abuse.

On May 6th, 2011, Anna Michalik and Ted Jeczalik entered Stipulation on Temporary Relief And Other Matters (Reconciliation Agreement) that required psychological evaluation for Anna Michalik that she never finished and violated her stipulation - agreement with Ted Jeczalik.

Anna Michalik does not allow her children to see their father since 2010 when Ted Jeczalik had to separate from her because of Anna Michalik Violence, money fraud and money extortion that included Ted Jeczalik forged signature on Silesia Group Inc. business checks that can be seen here:

For one year, the children of Ted Jeczalik can not see his father on regular basis as Anna Michalik is using her own children to extort money spreading lies and deception that she does not receive child support as in fact she gets regular child support payments that can be seen at:

Anna Michalik has history of mental abuse over her husband and her children that include screaming, yelling to every member of her household including her small children and violence against children and her husband. Her violence to her husband is based on greed for money and children get mental abuse because they do not want eat junk food Anna Michalik feeds them.

Anna Michalik alienates her children from their father by not allowing them to see their father on regular basis. She spread lies about Ted Jeczalik to her children and
Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services.

Anna Michalik refused to work on regular basis for 13 years of marriage using her children as excuse for not supporting her family. She is responsible for her marriage brake down due to her abuse over her husband's and children that includes physical violence.

Anna Michalik used court of law in Florida to extort more money from her husband and when it did not work she started using Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services to extort more money for her refusal to work on regular basis to support her family.

           On this Stipulation, (reconciliation agreement) Anna Michalik used willingly not her legal name Anna Agnieszka Michalik. Ted Jeczalik is not aware that Anna A Michalik ever changed her maiden name of Anna Agnieszka Michalik to Anna M. Jeczalik. Anna A. Michalik willingly used illegal name in legal document of Stipulation and it should be ground for immediate cancellation of this agreement ( stipulation) and not validity of such document.

            Anna A. Michalik within first few weeks violated her reconciliation agreement (stipulation) by not allowing Ted Jeczalik stay at his home located at 8745 Angoff dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653. Within first few weeks of this reconciliation agreement Anna A Michalik used again violence and abuse against Ted Jeczalik and his children as she would not allow the children to see their father - Ted Jeczalik.

              Because of  Anna Michalik Violence, Child Abuse and Submitting to the court falls information, Ted Jeczalik was homeless for one year and has no longer funds available for lawyers or unrealistic sums of money in the amount of  $1500.00 per month to pay Anna A Michalik as Anna A Michalik requested in this Reconciliation Agreement - (stipulation).

Wherefore:  Ted Jeczalik ask the court to order psychological evaluation for Anna Michalik and the children being abused by their mother.


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