Florida Department of Revenue Extortion of money and corruption in Florida's government including constitutional law violation by sixth judicial court in New Port Richey, Florida.
   January 10, 2012

This is update on Florida Department of Revenue Money Extortion and corruption.
As of January 10th, 2012 Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support extortion of money, negligence and corruption.

 On June 8, 2011 Ted Jec. received notice from Child Support Enforcement, Florida Department of Revenue asking him to pay them child support for his children. The notice is called: Support Redirection Notice - Non custodial parent. The pdf copy can be seen at www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/child-support.pdf

    This notice tells Ted Jec. that he must pay child support  to State of Florida Disbursement Unit. He wrote to Child Support Enforcement, Florida Department of Revenue questions in this matter that were completely ignored and he never received any reply from them. This letter can be seen here:  www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/child-support.html

   Within one month of July 2011, he receives additional notices from Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement trying to extort from Ted Jec. $1500.00 per month. Notice 1 - www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-department-of-revenue-notice2.jpg
Notice 2 - www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-department-of-revenue-notice3.jpg
Notice 3 - www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-department-of-revenue-notice4.jpg
Notice - December 2011 -  http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-department-of-revenue/2011-12.jpg
Notice - January 2012 - http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-department-of-revenue/2012-1.jpg
   In November 2010, hearing officer, Angela Hoogoveen checked copies of all, regular monthly payments for Child Support by Ted Jec. and asked Anna Michalik what she wants since all payments are being made on regular basis.

   In May 2011 , there was stipulation ( reconciliation agreement)  signed by Anna Michalik and Ted  Jeczalik. In May 2011 Anna Michalik violated her agreement before it was submitted to the court and Ted Jeczalik canceled this stipulation - reconciliation agreement ( http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/contract.html ).

   There was no court order of any kind to make payments for child support to government of Florida in the amount of $1500.00 as this stipulation - reconciliation agreement was canceled before any court order. Anna Michalik used fraudulently Ted Jec.'s last name to extort more money for her using Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement. Anna Michalik forged Ted Jec's signatures to steal thousands of dollars from his business - Silesia Group Inc., Anna Michalik is involved in fraud and extortion from property insurance including mortgage fraud from Bank of America.

   This is example where without any court order, local government is being used to fraudulently extort money from Americans. Thousands of Americans have to leave the country because they are unable to defend themselves from criminal minds of those who use government to extort money like Anna Michalik and her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who was submitted to Florida Bar for suspension of license to practice law by Ted Jec. - http://www.tedjec.com/audrey-a-jefferis/

  Ted Jec called for immediate investigation to the corruption and negligence by the Florida Government, including legal extortion of money from Americans by Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement. Department of Revenue for over 6 months sends requests for money to Ted Jec. ignoring all  letters sent by Ted Jec. to Florida Department of Revenue showing child support he pays on regular basis to Anna Michalik. (

   All demands for any explanation on this corruption and extortion of money from Ted Jec. was met with motion to suspend Ted Jec. driver license. In court of law in New Port Richey, FL Ted Jec. showed prove of all child support payments and the hearing officer, Barbara Goiran acknowledge the prove of child support payments by Ted Jec.

Hearing officer Barbara Gorain refused to see evidence of Anna Michalik's reconciliation agreement cancellation where Ted Jec. cancel this contract because Anna Michalik violation of the contract. Anna Michalik wanted to extort $1500.00 per month from Ted Jec and that was canceled the same month -http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/contract.html

Barbara Goiran prejudice and corruption made Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services to extort money from Ted Jec.

At the same hearing, Barbara Goiran told Ted Jec. to make motion for new hearing so he can show reconciliation agreement cancellation so Ted Jec did with the help of Sofia Bilokryla, Attorney General of Florida representative who was present at the meeting.

Ted Jec. motion was ignored by sixth judicial court in New Port Richey however licensed lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis who was hired by Anna Michalik was able to place three motions against Ted Jec. This is violation of basic American constitution law when court of law ignores citizens motion to defend themselves from the tyranny and corruption of the government - in this case corruption and extortion of money by Florida's government.

When Ted Jec. sent notice about corruption, ignorance and extortion by Florida Department of Revenue to Florida  Attorney General, the same office of Attorney General of Florida forwarded  this matter  to... Florida Department of Revenue!  This letter from Attorney General of Florida is located here: http://www.tedjec.com/anna-michalik/florida-attorney-general/answer3.jpg

This government of Florida corruption and extortion notice was sent to other government representatives and agencies and the governor Rick Scott but was mainly ignored allowing Florida Department of Revenue to continue this extortion of money and corruption including corruption and constitutional rights violations by Sixth Judicial Court in New Port Richey, FL:

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The notice of corruption by Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services was sent directly to Anna Michalik and Florida Department of Revenue on July 25th, 2011
mail receipt  anna michalik mail receipt
This notice was sent to Florida Department of Revenue on 01-12-11
Florida Department of Revenue Corruption