Case No.: 51-2010-DR-5308-WS, Division: Z1
                    ANNA MICHALIK,
                        TED JECZALIK


Respondent, Ted Jeczalik files these Exceptions for Report and Recommendation of General Magistrate Angela Hoogeveen for Final Trial on 4-1-13 and states as follows:
The evidence submited in these exceptions showing some of the crimes of Anna Michalik idicates that Anna Miichalik is the cause of marital brake and Ted Jeczalik should be awarded all procedures from any insurance and amm marital assets should be awarded to Ted Jeczalik as victim of Anna Michalik crimes.

 Wherefore, the respondent respectfully requests this Court:

A. Stop the wife, Anna Michalik from abuse of her children.

B. Not allow any order to act as conveyance of the real property to the wife so she can not take advantage of her fraudulent activity from Insurance Fraud including Bank Fraud and forged signatures of her husband in her criminal activities.

C. Not award the wife any judgment for her own attorney's fees as the wife can pay for her lawyers and the husband can not pay for his lawyer as he is homeless and unemployed due to the crimes of the wife.

D. Take action against the fraud of the wife and corruption of her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis and all other corrupted persons associated with this case mainly:

 1. Stop General Magistrate, Angela Hoogeveen abuse, discrimination, feminism, prejudice, yelling and screaming, lying against victim of her corruption Ted Jeczalik, awarding everything to Audrey A. Jefferis and crimes of the wife Anna Michalik,
2. Stop the Judge Patricia Ann Muscarella siding with corrupted lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis on behalf of corrupted Angela Hoogeveen, abuse, discrimination, prejudice, yelling and screaming at her victim of her corruption Ted Jeczalik,

3. Stop Barbara Goiran for lying in her reports about Ted Jeczalik not paying child support when she saw for the passed 3 years all monthly child support payments. Barbara Goiran injustice resulted in driver license and U. S. Passport suspension that irreversibly damaged transportation business and unemployment for Ted Jeczalik.

4. Stop Frank Vincent DIMAGGIO from participating in Barbara Goiran corruption by lying that Ted Jeczalik does not pay child support. 
Frank Vincent DIMAGGIO injustice resulted in driver license and U. S. Passport suspension that irreversibly damaged transportation business and unemployment for Ted Jeczalik.

Ted Jeczalik maintains his innocence and is not guilty of the corruption in New Port Richey court individuals named above.

Evidence of Anna Michalik Crimes against her family, children and her x husband Ted Jeczalik:

1 - Without any notification to the husband, Anna Michalik started to use last name Jeczalik that is from her husband and this last name is being used by Anna michalik to cover her crimes. This is certificate proving her name at the time of marriage under bride's name:
Certificate of marriage

2.  Property where Petitioner Anna Michalik is residing does not qualify as marital assets as home property was bought and is recorded in public records as joint tenancy and in fact the property is not marital assets therefore  partial distribution of the parties marital assets has no legal base.

The borrower on the Note for this property is Boleslaw Michalik and only he is responsible for mortgage payments not Petitioner, Anna Michalik. The property shall not be awarded to the Petitioner Anna Michalik as above facts make the property not marital marital asset and it shall not be used as partial distribution of the properties marital assets.

   3.  Fraud by Anna Michalik

Universal Studios theft of Annual Passes - 2012

In January 2012, Ted Jeczalik bought and paid for his children Annual Passes to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.
On March 31, 2012 Ted Jeczalik took his children to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. At the gate Ted Jeczalik was informed that his children's Annual Passes were invalid. After discussing this matter with manager and his children, Ted Jeczalik was informed that Anna Michalik took Ted Jeczalik children to Universal Studios in March, 2012 and lied to the management that the children lost their Annual Passes. Anna Michalik committed fraud and theft by taking Ted Jeczalik's Children to Universal Studios to acquired Ted Jeczalik's children Annual Passes to take away Ted Jeczalik ability to take his children to Universal Studios.

The children and Anna Michalik admitted that she committed this fraud and theft of Annual Passes to Universal Studios.

Ted Jeczalik would like to prosecute Anna Michalik residing at 8745 Angoff dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653, Tel. 727-449-8582 for theft of annual passes for Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL in March 2012 .

universal studios passes

Universal studios Witness Statement

4 - Bush Gardens Theft of Annual Passes from Ted Jeczalik's children - 2011.

    In 2011, Anna Michalik sent her niece Aneta Kozub to Bush Gardens with Ted Jeczalik's children ( Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukasz Jeczalik) to steal annual passes issued and paid for by Ted Jeczalik. The children admitted that Aneta Kozub lied to the offices at Bush Gardens that the passes were lost and the children would like to receive replacement.

Ted Jeczalik managed to take his children in 2011 and  discovered that the entry was blocked under his original annual passes as fraudulently acquired passes were in effect. Bush Gardens Office issued new set of annual passes after learning and confirming the information submitted by Ted Jeczalik was true. The annual passes were worth about $650.00.

Anna Michalik admitted sending her niece Aneta Kozub to steal annual passes to Bush Gardens for Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik.

Ted Jeczalik would like to prosecute
Anna Michalik residing at 8745 Angoff dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653, Tel. 727-449-8582 for theft of Annual Passes to Bush Gardens in 2011 for Caroline Jeczalik, Paulina Jeczalik and Lukas Jeczalik.

All incident was done using computer issuing tickets at Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida and evidence of that is located at Bush Gardens office. Hilsboro County Sheriff and Tampa Police has this evidence on file.

Car Theft ( marital assets waist) by Anna Michalik was reported to Sheriff Deputy D. Hayes and Deputy S.Smith - Case No 120940726

5 - Theft

Auto Theft from Ted Jeczalik

Auto Theft by Anna Michalik has stolen car from Ted Jeczalik and ordered to tow away this car. Ted Jeczalik car ( 1990 Chrysler, Plymouth Voyager,
Blue Van ) Vin No. 1P4FH44R3LX109417 has been missing since December 2010 where it was parked by Ted Jeczalik at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653.

Ted Jeczalik questioned Anna Michalik ( who use also different names like Jeczalik ) about location of this missing car from this parking place. Anna Michalik admitted she towed away this car to a garbage dump or sold it for profit without the owner consent or without informing the owner of this car - Ted Jeczalik.

The car was personal property of Ted Jeczalik who bought this car before marriage with Anna Michalik in Chicago, IL.

The missing car was registered in Florida since 1999 under Ted Jeczalik as 1990 Plymouth Voyager, made by Chrysler, color: blue with
Vin No. 1P4FH44R3LX109417.

Anna Michalik also have stolen the title to this car with registration and all insurance paperwork and is refusing to return it to it's owner Ted Jeczalik. Anna Michalik possibly forged Ted Jeczalik signature on the title of this vehicle as the car was towed away without Ted Jeczalik consent or original title that Ted jeczalik is in possesion.

As of April 2nd, 2012 Anna Michalik resides at 8745 Angoff Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653 where last time the car was parked by Ted Jeczalik at his home.

Reported by Ted Jeczalik - 4-2-2012

Below is proof of Ted Jeczalik loan for this vehicle showing VIN No. and payments made for this vehicle by Ted Jeczalik:

loan for car

loan for car

car loan

Car title stolen by Anna Michalik
  missing car title

6 - Forgery and Theft

Anna Michalik Forgery - Sinkhole Fraud and Signature Forgery

From: Ted Jeczalik
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
Tel. 727-641-6709, User name to web site: 12345678910, Pass code to web site 12345678910

Sinkhole Public Adjusting LLC
Kenneth C. Thomas President,
16506 Pointe Village Drive, Suite 201,
Lutz, FL 33558
Mercury Insurance Group.
P.O. Box 31476,
Tampa, FL 33631-3476
Mercury Insurance Group.
P.O. Box 30173,
Tampa, FL 33630-3173

Elizabeth R. Wellborn
350 Jim Moran Blvd., Suite 100,
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Pasco Sheriff's Office
8700 Citizen Dr.,
New Port Richey, FL 34654
American Mercury Insurance Company
1901 Ulmerton Road,
Clearwater, FL 33762

Below document bears forged Ted Jeczalik's signature by Anna Michalik on sinkhole claimed. Ted Jeczalik states that this document has forged signature and rejects all fraud in sinkhole case started by Anna Michalik in 2010. Mercury Insurance Group Policy No. FH 06022509, Claim No. EY900258-61, HSA Project No. 504-1862-00, Pasco Permit No. 721317
Property Location 8745 angoff Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653

Ted Jeczalik has the constitutional right to reject and not participate in Anna Michalik
sinkhole's fraud for property located at 8745 Angoff Dr. New Port Richey, FL 34653.

Below document shows clear forged Ted Jeczalik signature by Anna Michalik who started sinkhole fraudulent, frivolous case where there is no sinkhole just cosmetic cracks in the wall and foundation:

Ted Jeczalik

Anna Michalik Forgery for sinkhole

7 Anna Michalik Forgery - 2010 - Bank of America Theft
From: Ted Jeczalik
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673
Tel. 727-641-6709, User name to web site: 12345678910, Pass code to web site 12345678910

Anna Michalik was involved in steeling money by using forged signature of her husband Ted Jeczalik.
For 13 years of marriage she issued business checks with forged Ted Jeczalik signature.
Below are just few samples of Anna Michalik Forgery issuing herself checks from Silesia Group Inc. and Ted Jeczalik Credit Cards:

Anna Michalik Forgery

Anna Michalik Forged Signature on Silesia Group Inc check
Anna Michalik Deposited fraudulently issued checks with forged signature to her account at Bank of America. Ted Jeczalik called Bank of America and reported fraudulently issued checks from Silesia Group Inc.

Bank of America investigated and found these checks deposited to Anna Michalik Bank account at Bank of America. Bank of America has taken action to recover stolen money by Anna Michalik.

Bank of America Fraud department

Anna Michalik Unauthorized use of Ted Jeczalik Credit Cards:
Forged Ted Jeczalik last name credit card purchase by Anna Michalik

On March 27, 2012, Anna Michalik was reported for fraud and signature forging, stealing money from Silesia Group bank account using forged signature of Ted Jeczalik Inc. to Sheriff''s Office, Desk Officer, R. Premo, 8700 Citizens Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34654,  receiving case No. 12-16701

8 - Wrong Accusations ( lying for 3 years ) by Anna Michalik and her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis for not paying child support and accusations for
income by Ted Jeczalik.

   The actual income of Ted Jeczalik was always submitted to the court and Ted Jeczalik never received any income tax statements from Anna Michalik. Below is another proof that income of Ted Jeczalik for 2012 was below poverty line and he can not pay to Anna Michalik bogus $1500.00 per month as she wants to claim.

All Regular child support payments evidence is located at:
Actual Income Tax for 2012 from Ted Jeczalik:

ted jec income
Proof of child support payments was submitted to assistant Attorney General Sofia Bilokryla and Barbara Goiran:
proof of payments

9 - Mail Fraud

Anna Michalik used mail fraud submitting to Bank of America not her address but address from Silesia Group Inc.:

mail fraud

Mail fraud where Anna Michalik delivered mail directly to Ted Jeczalik residential mail box as well as to Silesia Group Inc. mail was forwarded to Post Master General:
mail fraud by anna michalik
mail fraud by anna michalik
10 - Mortgage and Bank Fraud

Anna Michalik started Mortgage and bank fraud in Bank of America before legally filling for Divorce in 2010. Below is proof sent from Bank of America that Anna Michalik started fraud using her new name to acquire marital property for herself in Bank of America. The husband was not aware of Anna Michalik new name and Mortgage Fraud at that time. Bank of America sent Ted jeczalik proof of fraud by Anna Michalik:
mortgage fraud

11 - Anna Michalik fraud using Child Support as means of extortion of money:

Below is contract, stipulation between Anna Michalik  ( she used the name Anna Michalik not Anna Michalik Jeczalik) and ted Jeczalik. Anna Michalik lies for 3 years she is entitled to $1500.00 per month when any contracts in this matter were canceled because of her fraud, lies, legal extortion along with her lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis:

Anna Michalik Reconciliation Contract, Agreement, Court Stipulation Cancellation.

In May 2011 Anna Michalik requested contract / agreement between her and Ted Jeczalik, her husband as requirement for her reconciliation.

In the contract she requested:
$1500.00 per month,
life insurance,
request not to bring anything to home located at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653
psychologist help.

Ted Jeczalik had no requirements in good faith as she should get psychological help with her violent behavior, greed for money, refusal to work on regular basis, withholding seeing her children to Ted Jeczalik and manipulation leading to her family destruction.

Within 1 month of reconciliation there was no progress in improving Anna Michalik behavior toward Ted Jeczalik. Anna Michalik showed interest only in receiving $1500.00 but refused to sincerely reconcile with Ted Jeczalik only looking for financial gains not family reconciliation.

Ted Jeczalik offered in May 2011 reconciliation to Anna Michalik as she started sue him in 2010 for child support despite child support  was paid every month to her.

In August 2010 Ted Jeczalik had to separate from Anna Michalik as she become violent and attacked him physically at home located at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL.

Anna Michalik manipulated her children not allowing them to see their father - Ted Jeczalik.

Anna Michalik lied in court of law that she does not receive child support.

Anna Michalik have issued in August 2010 fraudulent business checks for thousands of dollars from Silesia Group Inc. forging Ted Jeczalik signature and depositing this stolen funds to her Bank of America account. Bank of America took the funds away from her bank account and returned it back to Silesia Group Inc. recommending reporting this fraud to local sheriff.

Anna Michalik told Ted Jeczalik in September 2010 that all locks at home were change and if he comes back to the property she will call sheriff.

Anna Michalik in November 2010 towed away to junk yard Ted Jeczalik's car.

Anna Michalik in 2010 threw out of home thousands of dollars in Ted Jeczalik business assets, including spare parts, office equipment and business supplies.

From May to July 2010 Anna Michalik refused to allow Ted Jeczalik bring back his belongings and office where he resided in his home since 2004.

Under current situation I cancel any and all agreements, contracts with Anna Michalik as she can not reconcile with me, she is not allowing to see my own children, she request life insurance when she is violent and involved in financial schemes, the life insurance is more important to her then getting together with her husband, she does not allow me to move back to my home, including my office that is needed for my business.

Ted Jeczalik

New Port Richey, FL July 7, 2011

Ted Jeczalik

This contract cancellation was sent to Anna Michalik on July 7th, 2011 and July 25th, 2011
This contract cancellation was sent to
Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida - Pasco County Courthouse, 7530 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL 34654    on June 6th and July 7th and July 25th, 2011

Anna Michalik Receipt for mailreceipt

7 - Angela Hoogeveen injustice Evidence from 2 pre trial conferences showing discrimination, abusing, prejudice and siding with colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis

   Original Family Law Pre Trial Conference Recommendation and Order by Angela Hoogeveen, where first Pre trial conference Angela Hoogeveen Mental disturbance ordered Ted Jeczalik to leave for speaking the truth and again Angela Hoogeveen denied justice to Ted Jeczalik.

   Second Pre Trial conference Angela Hoogeveen denied Ted Jeczalik to testified and clearly lies on document below to that it was Ted Jeczalik who left not Angela Hoogeveen who denied testimony to Ted Jeczalik. Next lie of Angel Hoogeveen - Ted Jeczalik left after pre trial started. Ted Jeczalik left the second conference after announcement by Angela Hoogeveen that Ted Jeczalik again can not testify. # years of justice denial to Ted Jeczalik by Angela Hoogeveen siding with colleague lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis:



All Above evidence states that Ted Jeczalik is not the cause of marriage brake between Anna Michalik and Ted Jeczalik.
Ted Jeczalik is the victim of Audrey A. Jefferis and Anna Michalik crimes of lying in the court of law.

Ted Jeczalik has absolutely no means to pay for Anna Michalik lawyers and has no means to pay for any court cost as his business and employment was terminated by Crimes of Anna Michalik as showed and proved above.

 I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy hereof has been furnished by mail
delivery to the persons listed below this 21 day of January, 2013.   
Audrey A. Jefferis, Esquire
8138 Massachusetts Ave.,
New Port Richey, FL 34653
    Tel. 727-845-6174, fax 727-848-3091, FBN: 060526
 Attorney for Petitioner

Ted Jeczalik, Respondent / Husband
P.O. Box 248, Port Richey, FL 34673,
            Telephone No. 727-641-6709,   Fax 866-395-0966,   Email: [email protected]