Anna Michalik Divorce
   In April 1997, I got married to Anna Michalik in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Before the wedding, Anna's mother told her I was bad person as I came from divorced family and she should not married me. Next day she called me and cried that her mother told her this. Anna was already pregnant and the priest in catholic church was making problems but eventually we got married. Anna would not move in with me for 2 moths. Her mother made her feel bad about me. Eventually Anna moved in to my house.

   On September 9th Caroline - Karolinka Jeczalik was born in Chicago. We all loved her a lot!
Anna & TedKarolinkaHospital

karolinaTedhouse in Chicago
   In 1998 I sold my house located at 3708 W. 65th Pl, Chicago, IL 60629  and we moved to Florida. We bought house at 1947 Los Lomas Dr, Clearwater, FL.

   Being far from the in-laws I thought the problems would come to the end. It would not take long time and the problems came back as mother in law started visiting us. Anna would not work except for few months where she started working in JC Penney. Right there she started buying things and made lot of shopping totaling thousands of dollars for cloth and dresses. She learned how to spend money impulsively for things that were not needed and then throwing them out.

   In 2002 Anna came with idea to sell our home and buy bigger one as another baby Paulina was on the way. Paulinka got born on May 30th,  2002 in Dunedin Florida. I drove my wife to hospital as always in my Blue Plymouth Voyager - the car she later towed away to dump to show her hate toward me. In 2003 Lukas Jeczalik was born also in Dunedin, Florida.
Ted and the kidsWe were happy family. There were always some problems but living was good.
   In 2004 Anna promised to get full time job so we can afford to buy big house in New Port Richey. In 2004 we sold our house in Clearwater and we moved to New Port Richey new home.
house in new port richey

   To get mortgage her mother offered herself with her husband to be co owners - they never paid a penny forward the mortgage. When I wanted to sell the property because Anna refused to go to work as promised, I was told I got nothing to say here - they are the owners too and the do not agree to sell.

   Anna never went to work or school. She started going to parks and beaches to see friends. Many years passed, Anna would not start working. Good friends were talking bad about me as I was asking her to take at least part time job so she could get busy instead sitting at home. All children went to school and she still would not go to regular work. Anna started to be jealous and deceptive. She started to be manipulative and controlling. From happy family we started arguing why she is not helping her husband but going for pleasures and friends. She started to be abusive, screaming and yelling for everyone at home. She had to be in control all the time.

   Behind my back, Anna started organizing party for her "good friends". One day
my business was canceled and I came back home unexpected. I opened door and to my surprise there was wild party, noises, screaming of about 50 Anna's friends. Anna started cheating and doing things behind my back more often. When I invited few friends for my birthday, she was leaving house ignoring my friends and letting them know she does not like them. I was ordered not to invite anyone to the home when Anna was inviting all her friends.

   In 2010 my father came to visit us. Anna wanted to extort more money from me so she told my dad I do not give her money for the kids. When my dad discussed this matter with hem she decided to leave empty refrigerator so my dad would not have any food in the house. Leaving empty refrigerator to my dad when receiving over $1000.00 per month was said to all of us. We understood that my wife got lost in her greed, jealousy and controlling everything at home.
Ana-hate Controlling and screaming by Anna at everybody became everyday reality. My dad told her to stop screaming at the kids for no reason.

   When confronted why is she doing all the evil things to me, she replied because I am bad and I should bring more money, at the same time she started damaging and throwing things out of our home. She said that my dad started leaving the house to tavern and he is alcoholic. My dad was leaving to get something to eat as nothing was available to eat for him at home and she called him alcoholic for no reason but hate for someone who told her the truth of wrong doing. I was stunned to hear all the lies Anna made. My dad left said knowing what his daughter in law was doing to her family and herself.

   After my dad left in Summer of 2010, Anna asked for divorce. I asked her to get mental help but she wanted to control everything by now. It was divorce or her demands. Unfortunately, her demands got to the point it was impossible to get them for her. All the time, she wanted more money but she refused to work for them.

   In 2010 Anna called sink hole lawyers to get her more money from possible law suite against insurance company. She imagined she will get lot of money for sink hole. Her behavior became more and more violent. In September, 2010 the divorce paperwork was submitted to Anna Michalik. Her sink hole law suit penned nothing and she change her mind on the divorce.  After I helped my disable mother in assisting her in travel to Hawaii, Anna Michalik issued fraudulently my business checks with counterfeited may last name and withdraw thousands of dollars from my business account. I asked her for many years not to steal money from my business. Bank of America tracked Anna Michalik stolen money she deposited to her account at Bank of America. The money was taken from Anna Michalik and it was placed back to my business bank account. The bank told me to report her to Sheriff - I never did.

   In September 2010, Anna Michalik, my wife, was told clearly to stop her destructive behavior as our family suffers from her wrong decisions. When confronted with that, Anna Michalik attacked me physically in front of our home. This was the point that I knew I had to separate from her as her destructive behavior became dangerous. She took all proof of payments I was doing for our home since 2004. All documents from our safe were taken by Anna.

   I placed my basic possessions to public storage and I became homeless. After 3 months being homeless I was hoping she can change or get better. That was time that her mother died. There was hope, perhaps she can change for better. Unfortunately Anna Michalik started suing me in court of law for child support despite I was making child support on monthly basis.

   In september 2010 she told me that all locks at home were change, I can not come home and if I do come she will call for sheriff.
In her hate toward me, she towed away my car.

  I decided to rent small office to conduct my business in New Port Richey. Anna decided to sue me more for more money. Money, money, money and  more money became obsession for her. At the court, the judge said what she wants since I pay her monthly child support and it is more then State of Florida states. Right from the beginning she manipulated  me using our kids. She stopped allowing me to see my children. For almost 10 months I could see my kids only few times taking them to Bush Gardens or Orlando. My kids became victims of her own mother behavior.

   In May 2011, I asked her if perhaps she learned something and she change her mind on all those terrible things she have done to her family and her kids.  After calling for one week she never answered. One night she answered by mistake and ... I was bagging her to wake up. I said to stop what she is doing. She demanded big list of requirements. $1500.00 per month without asking what she is doing with that. She wanted to control the whole house - I had nothing to say. She wanted to delete all my business and personal web sites that were developed for over 16 years. I could not bring anything to the house. She demanded so many things that it was crazy even imagine how any wife and friend can demand from her husband. It was more important to implement another scheme for life insurance on her husband. She started demanding if she does not get life insurance, I will be out of the house again. She managed to take close to $20 000.00  on credit cards that were always used with my last name as Anna Jeczalik - never her last name Anna Michalik. She told me if I want to be with her - I have to pay her credit cards payments.

   The really said story is that Anna's dad came to live with her. He bagged her to stop what she is doing to her husband, kids and herself. After few months her dad left her and does not want to live with her any more.

   At the end of  July, 2011 it was obvious that my wife became person hating me and very difficult to live with. She became so greedy that she even employed another schemes to get more money from Bank of America mortgage and life insurance for her husband head. Because I value my life and I value my family despite it got broken by my wife, I decided that it is better for all of us to keep the evil doings of Anna Michalik for herself. I can not participate in further destruction of my family by my wife so I decided to keep my life safe away from her.

   As of July 4th, 2011, I declare that I am separated from my wife Anna Michalik since August 30th 2010, I am taking no further responsibility for her wrongful conduct and any financial schemes she may try to do in the future. I am not responsible for any debt Anna Michalik created. I am paying child support on regular monthly basis. The proof of child support is available for every month since September 2010.

   Bank of America is responsible for further action on our house as Anna Michalik behind my back started financial schemes about mortgage and I have no further knowledge what she is involved with the mortgage on the house. I know that she does not pay any mortgage on the property.

   It is unfortunate my wife had to be divorced as she could not change her obsessions with money and evil doings to support her greed. I love her and I wish her to get enlighten one day so she can see what she has done to her family and herself.

Ted Jeczalik, New Port Richey, Florida, USA, July 6th, 2011

Let it be all known that greed damage people and families - Ted Jec.

Anna Michalik  Ted Jec Ted and Anna
Ted, Paulinka, karolinkaTed and Paulinka i Lukasik

Marriage cancellation Contract 7-6-2011

Child Support manipulation by Anna Michalik