Office of Paula S. O'Neil, Clerk & Comptroller, Pasco County,

P.O. Box 338,
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0338
August 29, 2011

   I received today notice of delinquency from Office of Paula S. O'Nail, Clerk & Comptroller, Pasco County that is located at and .

I state that there was no court hearing or any order that I am aware of to pay Anna Michalik additional child support as Anna Michalik violated her Reconciliation Agreement with Ted Jeczalik ( ). All child support is being pay on regular basis and the proof is located here:

Anna Michalik using illegally Ted Jeczalik last name sued him for not paying child support when she was receiving regular child support payments. In 2011 Hearing Officer Angela Hoogeven declared that all child support is being paid by Ted Jeczalik to Anna Michalik on regular basis.

In May 2011 Anna Michalik was given offer of reconciliation by Ted Jeczalik. Ted Jeczalik agreed for $1500.00 monthly payments to help her with her mental state however within one month Anna Michalik violated her agreement by not allowing Ted Jeczalik to live in his home and she does not allow him to see his children that was also reported as Ted Jeczalik's children abuse by Anna Michalik - Anna Michalik refused Ted Jeczalik's children for any visitation threatening to call Sheriff and changing all locks at the house using violence against Ted Jeczalik.

Because of violation of Reconciliation Agreement by Anna Michalik, Ted Jeczalik sent her Reconciliation Agreement Cancellation by regular mail early June and again by certified mail in July 2011 - the proof is located here:

Anna Michalik Receipt for mail

Despite knowledge of Reconciliation Agreement Cancellation that is located at:
, Anna Michalik continues money extortion using Florida Department of  Revenue, Child Support Services and she lies again in the Circuit Court of Florida, Sixth Judicial Circuit, in and for Pasco that she does not receive child support when actually she has been receiving regular child support and all evidence is located at:

 Anna Michalik manipulated and restricted child visitation to extort more money from Ted Jeczalik, at the same time she has been involved in fraud against property insurance and property mortgage company. She forged Ted Jeczalik signature on business checks to steal thousands of dollars from Silesia Group Inc. in August 2010. The evidence is located here:

   As child support is being paid to Anna Michalik on regular basis, and Reconciliation Agreement Cancellation was sent to Anna Michalik informing her of her violations and cancellation of additional child support , Ted Jeczalik can not pay Anna Michalik additional Child Support because of her violation of reconciliation agreement.


Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673