Anna Michalik Reconciliation Contract, Agreement, Court Stipulation Cancellation.

In May 2011 Anna Michalik requested contract / agreement between her and Ted Jeczalik, her husband as requirement for her reconciliation.

In the contract she requested:
$1500.00 per month,
life insurance,
request not to bring anything to home located at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34653
psychologist help.

Ted Jeczalik had no requirements in good faith as she should get psychological help with her violent behavior, greed for money, refusal to work on regular basis, withholding seeing her children to Ted Jeczalik and manipulation leading to her family destruction.

Within 1 month of reconciliation there was no progress in improving Anna Michalik behavior toward Ted Jeczalik. Anna Michalik showed interest only in receiving $1500.00 but refused to sincerely reconcile with Ted Jeczalik only looking for financial gains not family reconciliation.

Ted Jeczalik offered in May 2011 reconciliation to Anna Michalik as she started sue him in 2010 for child support despite child support  was paid every month to her.

In August 2010 Ted Jeczalik had to separate from Anna Michalik as she become violent and attacked him physically at home located at 8745 Angoff Dr, New Port Richey, FL.

Anna Michalik manipulated her children not allowing them to see their father - Ted Jeczalik.

Anna Michalik lied in court of law that she does not receive child support.

Anna Michalik have issued in August 2010 fraudulent business checks for thousands of dollars from Silesia Group Inc. forging Ted Jeczalik signature and depositing this stolen funds to her Bank of America account. Bank of America took the funds away from her bank account and returned it back to Silesia Group Inc. recommending reporting this fraud to local sheriff.

Anna Michalik told Ted Jeczalik in September 2010 that all locks at home were change and if he comes back to the property she will call sheriff.

Anna Michalik in November 2010 towed away to junk yard Ted Jeczalik's car.

Anna Michalik in 2010 threw out of home thousands of dollars in Ted Jeczalik business assets, including spare parts, office equipment and business supplies.

From May to July 2010 Anna Michalik refused to allow Ted Jeczalik bring back his belongings and office where he resided in his home since 2004.

Under current situation I cancel any and all agreements, contracts with Anna Michalik as she can not reconcile with me, she is not allowing to see my own children, she request life insurance when she is violent and involved in financial schemes, the life insurance is more important to her then getting together with her husband, she does not allow me to move back to my home, including my office that is needed for my business.

Ted Jeczalik

New Port Richey, FL July 7, 2011

Ted Jeczalik

This contract cancellation was sent to Anna Michalik on July 7th, 2011 and July 25th, 2011
This contract cancellation was sent to
Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida - Pasco County Courthouse, 7530 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL 34654    on June 6th and July 7th and July 25th, 2011

Anna Michalik Receipt for mailreceipt