Anna Michalik Money Extortion
   June 8, 2011

Child Support Manipulation and Money Extortion by Anna Michalik

Florida Department of Revenue,
State of Florida Disbursement Unit,
P.O. Box 8500,
Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500

On July 8, 2011 I received notice from Child Support Enforcement, Florida Department of Revenue.

The notice is called: Support Redirection Notice - Non custodial parent. The pdf copy can be downloaded at

This notice tells me that I must pay child support  to State of Florida Disbursement Unit.

I would like to receive answer from the State of Florida  why I must pay child support to government instead to my family? I have constitutional right to pay child support to my children not to any government.

On this notice the Custodial Parent is showed as Anna Jeczalik. The name of my wife to whom I make child support is Anna Michalik. Anna Michalik illegally use my last name Jeczalik as she never legally change her maiden name Michalik. She is involved in many financial schemes including forging my name on business checks from Silesia Group Inc. to withdraw thousands of dollars and depositing it to her bank account. Forged checks are available as evidence.

Anna Michalik also is involved in mortgage manipulation and insurance fraud.

By using illegally my last name on this form of Support Redirection Notice, I have the right to believe this is another financial scheme of Anna Michalik.

I would like to received further explanation why I have to pay child support to the government instead directly to my family.

Why I am not custodial parent and who made me not custodial parent.

This is basic human rights violation and I have the right not to agree with this notice.


Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 763,
Elfers, FL 34680
 This notice was sent to Florida Department of Revenue and to Anna Michalik on July 7th, 2011 and July 25th, 2011
mail receipt  mail receipt