Legal Notice against Anna Michalik requesting her to stop abuse her children.
  November 1, 2011
CASE. NO. 51-2010-DR-5308-WS/Z1

This request is directed to Anna Michalik to stop abusing her children for the second year as she use her children to gain financial advantage from Ted Jeczalik and she does not allow to see her children by their father.

Anna Michalik does not allow her children to see their father since September 2010 when Ted Jeczalik had to separate from her because of Anna Michalik Violence, money fraud and money extortion that included Ted Jeczalik forged signature on Silesia Group Inc. business checks - it can be seen here:

For the second year, the children of Ted Jeczalik can not see their father on regular basis as Anna Michalik is using her own children to extort money spreading lies and deception that she does not receive child support as in fact she gets regular child support payments that can be seen at:

Anna Michalik has history of mental abuse over her husband and her children that include screaming, yelling to every member of her household including her small children and violence against children and her husband. Her violence to her husband is based on greed for money. Ted Jeczalik's children get mental abuse by being alienated by their own mother, Anna Michalik that use them to extort more money in on going exploitation of the court system and government of Florida, Department of Revenue, Child Support Services.

Anna Michalik used court of law in Florida to extort more money from her husband and when it did not work she started using Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services to extort more money for her refusal to work on regular basis to support her family.

Despite family members who contacted her to stop this unethical and illegal procedure, Anna Michalik continues to abuse her children as of this request is being written.

Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673

Noticed was sent by registered  mail on October 4, 2011
  mail receipt

Anna Michalik to this request is located here
Anna Michalik responded to this legal request with ignorance and complete  disregard for her children.

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State of Florida Disbursement Unit,
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