Anna Michalik Money Extortion
   September 12, 2011

Child Support Manipulation and Money Extortion by Anna Michalik

Florida Department of Revenue,
State of Florida Disbursement Unit,
P.O. Box 8500,
Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500

Florida Department of Revenue
5050 W Tennessee St.,
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0195

On August 12, 2011 I received notice from Child Support Enforcement, Florida Department of Revenue.

The notice is called: Notice of Noncompliance With Support Order and Intent to Suspend License for Nonpayment of support.
The copy can be downloaded at  and
and coupon for sending payments is located here

This notice tells Ted Jeczalik that he must pay child support  to State of Florida Disbursement Unit when there was not court hearing or court order to do so. Ted Jeczalik  child support is being sent on regular basis to Ana Michalik - proof of payments are located at

Magistrate Angela Hoogoven examined all child support payments being made by Ted Jeczalik and she agreed that all payments are being made on regular basis in this case.

Anna Michalik illegally using Ted Jeczalik last name - has again showed to employ government of Florida, Department of Revenue, Child Support Services to extort more money from Ted Jeczalik when she receives child support on regular basis. Proof of Anna Michalik using illegally Ted jeczalik last name in her financial schemes can be found here:

Ted Jeczalik brought all information about this situation to Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services including Reconciliation Agreement Cancellation that is located at and Anna Michalik proof of forgery and stolen money  locoed here: including Anna Michalik Child Abuse -

After sending all above information for many months to Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services, Ted Jeczalik received no answer to his letters from Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services. All letters about Anna Michalik extortion of money and financial crimes were completely ignored by Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Services that keeps sending harassing letters for no reason to Ted Jeczalik.

As of September 12, 2011 all child support for Ted Jeczalik children is current. Ted Jeczalik is not responsible for Anna Michalik financial extortion and other criminal activity to gain money in her law suits against insurance and mortgage companies she is involved at this time.


Ted Jeczalik.
P.O. Box 763,
Elfers, FL 34680
 This notice was sent to Florida Department of Revenue on September 13, 2011 02 
delivery receipt  receipt